Our Expertise

Providing trusted legal advice for more than 130 years.

Our Expertise

Carlile Dowling has the expertise to manage a wide range of legal requirements from property and commercial matters, to family law and litigation.

We are specialists in domestic and commercial conveyancing, rural property, estate planning and administration.

We have a highly experienced litigation team, commercial & civil team, and our family lawyers deal with all aspects of family law including relationship property and youth advocacy.

Property and Commercial

Our team of experienced partners, solicitors and legal executives will expertly manage all your property, commercial and estate planning matters.

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Our highly skilled and experienced litigation team will help you to resolve your business and personal disputes.

We explore all the options for resolution, including negotiation and mediation, to achieve the best, quickest and cheapest result possible.

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Family Law

Our specialist family lawyers deal with all aspects of family law.

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“The depth and breadth of experience within Carlile Dowling enables us to provide a superior legal service that is timely and cost-competitive.”

Our expertise


Our immigration team will help you with any legal matters around Visas, residency and citizenship.

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Mediation and Arbitration

Carlile Dowling offers mediation and arbitration services to help resolve disputes, especially commercial and family law disputes.

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