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Buying or selling property in New Zealand involves increasingly complex legal issues. It is not simply a case of helping a client change the title.  Changes to ownership eligibility, bright-line tax tests, loan to equity ratios, loan to value ratios, tenancy law, Kiwisaver withdrawal rules, Unit Titles Act law, relationship property law, trust law and so forth have made conveyancing a more difficult task than before. 

Seamless property transactions that address all the relevant issues require a high level of skill, time, and patience. For secure and time sensitive conveyancing, you will need a highly qualified and experienced conveyancer. Without a professional who knows New Zealand’s property laws inside out (and often trust law, commercial law, and relationship property law too), property transactions can become time-consuming and stressful.

Experts in this area

Why you should choose Carlile Dowling for conveyancing

We are highly experienced, practical, and easy to deal with.  We undertake market surveys to ensure our prices are competitive. At the end of each transaction, we survey our clients to see how satisfied they were with our service; commonly, our clients rate us 10/10. At Carlile Dowling, our experienced team of Napier-based conveyancers will navigate you safely and securely through the relevant contractual terms, the property, commercial and trust laws, and all the paperwork in a timely manner to minimise your stress.

Real Case Study

A young professional couple in a major city  wished to purchase a new home and keep their current home as a rental property. Finance was from two grandparents’ trusts, two parents’ trusts, the husband’s trust, and a bank loan. Tax efficiency was important, as was relationship property issues, given that the family contribution came from the husband’s parents and grandparents.

Carlile Dowling’s involvement

Working with the couple, their bank, and the husband’s parents and grandparents we:

  • Developed, documented, and implemented the family funding strategies, including distributions from the grandparents’ trusts to the husband, a gift by husband to his trust, distributions from parents’ trusts to husband’s trust, and a loan from husband’s trust to the couple.
  • Assisted the couple to set up an investment trust and sell their home to it.
  • Attended on bank loans, mortgages, guarantees and insurance requirments.
  • Advised on the effects of sudden changes to tax law on investment properties that occurred mid-project and adjusted the ownership structure accordingly. 
  • Conveyed the purchase of the new home, including negotiating settlement date changes, and resolving issues about vendor warranties.
  • Drafted and advised on a relationship property agreement. 
  • Drafted new Wills for the couple.

Conveyancing services we offer

We help owner-occupiers and investors throughout New Zealand and overseas to understand and traverse all aspects of land conveyancing and their legal rights and obligations as owners, mortgagors, neighbours, and tenants. Our service includes dealing with numerous parties such as:

  • Agents
  • Banks
  • Body Corporate secretaries and managers
  • Housing New Zealand
  • Insurers 
  • Kiwisaver providers
  • Land Information New Zealand 
  • Local authorities
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Neighbours
  • Reverse mortgage providers
  • Surveyors 
  • Tenants
  • Etc. 

Property transactions we convey include:

  • Buying or selling a residential,commercial or industrial property, lifestyle block, farm, orchard, or vineyard
  • Commercial, industrial, and rural property leasing
  • Cross leases
  • Finance and security arrangements
  • Ground leases
  • Licenses to occupy (also known as Occupation Right Agreements)
  • Property development
  • Residential tenancies
  • Reverse mortgages (also known as equity-release mortgages) 
  • Subdivisions (including easements, land covenants, utitlity service companies etc.)

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