Family Law

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Family Law

Matters around family law can be sensitive and complex. At Carlile Dowling, our specialist family lawyers can provide expert assistance in a range of legal areas. When it comes to dealing with difficult matters like shared parenting, dissolution of marriage and legal separation, NZ families can count on our team to handle the matter professionally.

Our solicitors understand how to handle distressing family law matters. We are experienced when it comes to providing practical solutions and assistance that minimise conflicts and aim to secure you the most favourable and reasonable result possible.

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How We Can Help

Our team of family law solicitors work closely with every client to understand the entire situation and provide a personalised solution, considering that everyone’s circumstances are different. We can help you in a variety of areas, including:

● Adoption

● Dissolution or separation

● Family protection

● Lawyer for the child

● Protection orders

● Relationship property agreements

● Testamentary promises

Our goal is to provide a constructive resolution to your particular problem. We’ll listen to your family matters carefully and provide you with the required assistance at every step whether it is a negotiation, out of court settlement or litigation.

Day to Day Care and Shared Parenting

Under New Zealand law, both parents are treated as having equal rights regarding parenting arrangements, although for practical reasons, the primary day to day care can be given to one parent or the other. In some cases, shared parenting arrangements may be appropriate. Determining suitable arrangements for the care of your children with an ex-partner can be stressful and emotionally draining. We can work with you to obtain the best possible outcome for child care arrangements.

Relationship Property Law Solicitors

We can help you make agreements about and resolve disputes related to the status, ownership and division of relationship property and assets before, during or after your relationship. You can also make agreements about dividing property and shared assets when the relationship ends.

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If you need help with a family law matter, consult the experts at Carlile Dowling. Our team has provided trusted legal advice for more than 130 years regarding family law issues as well as employment law, immigration, estate planning, commercial property law and more.

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