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Are you moving to New Zealand, or an employer assisting a new hire in moving? Our immigration law experts at Carlile Dowling are here to help you navigate New Zealand’s immigration system. 

Immigrating to a new country,  whether you’re moving to work, study, or join a partner is a stressful experience. Even small mistakes can lead to costly delays or rejections. This can be devastating for a migrant hovering between jobs, where timing often needs to be perfect. Don’t let your dream of moving to New Zealand be jeopardised by an error in the paperwork. Our experts are standing by to guide you through the process, so you can focus on more mundane challenges of moving.

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How we can help

We help clients with a variety of important immigration processes, including:

  • Visas (visitor, work, family, business, investor, limited purpose)
  • Applying for residence/permanent residence
  • Applying for citizenship
  • Restoring lawful immigration status for overstayers and persons facing deportation.

We’ll provide you with an assessment of your eligibility to immigrate to New Zealand, and advise you under which criteria to apply. Then we’ll assist you in building a case for your application, and guide you through the process to ensure it’s done right the first time.

Moving to New Zealand for Work

In order to apply for a work visa, most migrants are required to present a job offer from a New Zealand business. Foreign workers typically apply under considerable time pressure, because employers can’t wait indefinitely for a new hire to arrive to start in their new position. This means that, by the time a visa application is being processed, the applicant has often already resigned from their current position, and is preparing to move as soon as possible. If the visa can’t be issued quickly, the migrant might be left without an income for a time. Worse, the employer might be forced to rescind the job.

Our immigration experts work closely with clients to take the guesswork out of the visa application process, and to assist them in building a case to supplement and clarify their application to immigration authorities.

Employing immigrants or foreign workers

Hiring foreign workers requires employers to navigate a complex web of legal obligations. Employers need to meet different requirements depending on how many foreign workers they employ, whether those workers are temporary or placed in permanent positions, what types of positions they hold, how much they earn, and more. Moreover, the processes surrounding temporary work visas are currently changing, adding to the confusion. Our experts will help you cut through the red tape, so your business can reliably and legally begin recruiting overseas to supplement your local workforce.

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